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best anti theft backpacks

Are you planning to embark on a journey or business trip, but the bag to pack your luggage is bothering you? Do you need a portable, smart, attractive, and stylish back? Not to worry anymore, we are ready to proffer a solution to your problem. Having an ordinary backpack can never be compared to having one of the best anti theft backpacks.

Do you want to know what you’ve been missing out all this while that you’ve not been using an anti theft backpack? Patiently read through this articleWe shall provide you with detailed information on what first-time and casual users need to know about anti theft backpacks.

Getting the best anti theft bag is very difficult with the fogged status of the market, but with the information provided in our definitive buying guide and extensive product reviews, you will definitely get to know what factor to consider before buying, functions of an anti theft backpack, outstanding features and lots more.

Comparison Table Of Best Anti Theft Backpack In Market:

What Does an Anti Theft Backpack Do?

Thinking anti theft backpack is like other backpacks that are used for carrying just clothes or books is underrating.

The function of an anti theft backpack is beyond keeping your privacy. An anti theft backpack is a compactly designed bag suitable for various adventures such as business trips, school students, hiking, camping, and others.

The best security backpack is made with exceptional features that offer you a fascinating outing experience.

What Are The Benefits of Using An Anti Theft Backpack?

Using an anti theft backpack should not just be limited to the right to privacy. You would be wondering what other advantage would you enjoy from using this bag. It is normal reasoning. 

Below are some of the benefits of using an anti theft backpack:

  • All-in-One

Embarking on a journey will require you a go along with your daily necessities such as mobile phone, tablet if MacBook, laptop, credit cards, key, and others.

An anti theft backpack provides you with compartments spacious enough to accommodate your gadgets and other petty accessories. Interestingly, it provides space for water bottle to prevent hydration on the journey and an umbrella for raining outings.

  • Premium Anti Theft Design

The best theft proof backpack provides you with an advanced anti theft design. Some are made with lockable zippers, while some are made with lockable and hidden zippers, which can be locked with a backpack lock.

  • Stay Charged Every Time

Standard anti theft backpacks come with an external USB Charging Port that allows you to conveniently recharge your phone with the power bank connected inside the bag

What Are The Factors to Consider Before Buying Anti Theft Backpack?

Since an anti theft backpack is different from an ordinary backpack, it is essential to have some great factors to look out for before getting one. 

Below are some prime factors to consider:

  • Compartments

This is the segmented space within the bag. This solely depends on your choice. If you are a businessman, it is compulsory you consider the one with space for laptops, mobile phones, credit cards, and business cards.

Consider your choice of outing as this will help you to choose one of the best anti theft backpacks that will suit your taste.

  • Versatility

Since you have various occasions to go, you want to travel or go on a business trip, plus you’re a college student, you must consider the backpack that can serve all these adventures. Several anti theft bags on the market are suitable for all of your outdoor activities.

Consider the bag that will serve all these functions.

  • The Anti Theft Design

The primary reason you need an anti theft backpack is because of the safety of your properties within the bag. So it won’t be ideal of you to leave this factor behind without proper consideration. 

Ideally, all anti theft backpacks come with an anti theft design, but it is essential to critically observe if the security is easy to tamper with

Check through our product reviews to make a perfect choice in this aspect. Consider the bag with a sustainable anti theft design.

  • External Charging Port

While on the journey, you would need to keep your mobile phone on for clear communication, and it needs to be done in a comfortable way that won’t stress you. Anti theft bags come with an external USB charging port that is:

  • Easy to charge your phone
  • Some USB port are detachable for proper cleaning of the bag
  • Some are replaceable

In this case, consider the backpack with an external USB charging port to always stay charged. However, a detachable USB port would be a plus advantage.

  • Adjustability and Portability

Generally, anti theft backpacks are made with high-quality fabric materials that contribute significantly to its portability. They are easy to maneuver from one spot to another.

An anti theft backpack barely weighs 4 pounds. This is the peak of portability. Also, consider the bag that comes with adjustable shoulder straps to ensure you have a comfortable experience.

  • Resistant to Water

Having a waterproof or water-resistant backpack is another advantage. This would allow you to use the bag in the rain without affecting its durability. Naturally, rain is uncontrollable, and it can start any time in as much is the season for it. 

Consider the backpack with a water-resistant feature to ensure you don’t lose out on your bag after beating by rain.

Final Thought

After knowing what the best anti theft backpacks entail, you are fully ready to get your perfect and enjoy the moment. We believe this definitive buying guide has provided you with the needed information to get the best brand of anti theft background.

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Our list of best anti theft backpacks begins with the Hethrone Anti Theft Backpack specially made for women

This is a high-quality backpack suitable for carrying laptop rucksacks and other gadgets. It can hold up to a 15.6-inch of laptop and a 14-inch MacBook.

Going on different adventures with this fantastic bag is fascinating. It comes with a spacious compartment that can hold books, clothes, and other daily needs for traveling.

When you have the Hethrone Backpack, you don’t need to get an extra wallet to keep your credit cards and other cards. It comes with two small inner pockets that offer perfect storage for your credit cards and keys.

  • It features a padded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps. These two exciting features offer you a comfortable experience.
  • Having a USB port makes your adventure an interesting one. It features an in-built USB PORT for charging your cell phone by connecting to the power bank.
  • It is primarily for women, and it has an attractive and stylish look. It is ideal as a work backpack, travel rucksack, business backpack, school rucksack, college backpack, and suitable for students.
  • It is affordable plus durable as a plus advantage. It is made with high-quality materials that contribute significantly to its durability. It is lightweight, resistant to scratch, anti-tear, and anti-water splashing.


  • Padded back panel
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Lightweight, affordable and durable design
  • Multifunctional backpack


  • Suitable for women alone
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Another exceptional brand of anti theft backpack that you can entrust in the backpack market is the Matein versatile backpack. It is suitable for both genders

Do you need a light backpack to accommodate your laptop, books, and other gadgets? Think of the Matein Anti Theft multifunctional backpack suitable for several occasions.

Having a backpack with spacious compartments like the Matein backpack is fascinating. It has a separate laptop compartment that can hold 15.6-inch, 15-inch, 14-inch, and 13-inch laptops, respectively.

It also comes with a special compartment for keeping daily necessities such as electronic accessories. This backpack is extraordinary with its exceptional features.

  • It features a front compartment with several pockets for keeping pen, key fob hook, and others.
  • Backpacks with adjustable features are the best. The Matein Anti Theft Backpack features breathable and adjustable shoulder straps. It also comes with multiple back panels ventilated padding that offers you a comfortable experience.
  • Moving around with this backpack is no longer a stressful task with its foam-padded top handle that allows you to carry the bag for a long time comfortably.
  • It features a built-in USB port that offers you easy access to recharge your mobile phones.
  • The durable Matein Backpack is suitable for different occasions. It is made with high-quality fabric that makes it resistant to water.


  • Water-resistant backpack
  • It is ideal for several occasions
  • Spacious compartments
  • Affordable, lightweight, and durable construction


  • It does not power itself
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The list of best anti theft backpacks without the Tzowla brand of backpack is incomplete. 

This is a multipurpose backpack suitable for occasions such as traveling, business, and college. 

It comes with compartments spacious enough to hold laptops for office use,  clothes and other daily necessities for traveling, and books for college students.

Using an anti theft backpack that can allow you to recharge your mobile phone is outstanding. The Tzowla backpack will enable you to conveniently charge your mobile phone with the external USB charging port.

It is made with multiple pockets both within and outside the bag that allows you to pack any accessories. Also, being an anti theft backpack,  the Anti-Theft Fixed Combination Lock helps you protect your valuable items inside the bag.

  • The Multi-Panel Airflow System of this bag helps relieve the stress of carrying heavy loads. It features many padding on the back to ensure comfortable carrying of the pack.
  • It has shoulder straps and a grab handle on the top that makes you barely feel the weight of carrying it.
  • This exceptional backpack is made with High Density and Water repellent Polyester Fabric that protect the bag from getting wet. This contributes significantly to its durability.


  • Attractive and spacious compartments
  • Multipurpose backpack
  • Affordability
  • Durable and extra lightweight


  • No manufacturer’s warranty
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The Oscaurt brand has produced a perfect gift for both men and women

This multifunctional backpack is made with high-quality materials that contribute significantly to its durability. Carrying around a heavy bag can often be frustrating. Not to worry anymore, this exceptional backpack is one of the best choices to make.

This anti theft backpack is ideal for school students, business trips, and traveling. It is an attractive and extraordinarily portable backpack. It is made with durable materials that ensure a long time use of the bag.

Nature is not controllable, and that is why this bag comes with a resistant feature. Using this backpack under the rain is no longer a thing of fear with its water-resistant quality.

  • It is made with PVC Polyester fabric that enhances the water-resistant feature and makes it easy to clean.
  • It features various functions compartments inside the bag to store your gadgets and accessories. This durable backpack allows you to embark on a journey without the fear of getting damaged.
  • The Oscaurt Anti-Theft Backpack has two side pockets for keeping bottles or umbrella. It also comes with a back hidden safe pocket.
  • It features a built-in USB Charging Port for the comfortable charging of your phone. The comfortable handle allows you to maneuver the bag easily.


  • Affordable and durable
  • Total maneuverability
  • Multipurpose and extraordinary features
  • Extra value for money


  • Slightly heavyweight
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This is another exceptional brand of backpack. It is primarily made for women and made in women’s favorite color. 

This fantastic back made it to our list of best anti theft backpacks because of its outstanding features. It is ideal for several occasions.

Its spacious compartments can accommodate slim laptops of up to 15.6-inch. You can’t afford to miss getting this amazing bag with a separate laptop compartment hidden under the shoulder strap. This will ensure your laptop is appropriately saved. 

Also, the zipper of the bag can be locked to D shape ring with your lock to ensure privacy.

  • It features two exceptional lock options. The anti-puncture dual zipper protects the bag from slitting by blade and the lockable zipper, enhancing the anti theft design. These two features ensure the proper protection of your assets inside the bag.
  • Having a backpack with a USB charging Port is an extra advantage. Interestingly, the USB port is detachable for proper cleaning of the bag.
  • The detachable in-built USB port is replaceable.
  • It is made with smooth fabric with superb texture, which makes the bag resistant to tear and water. It also features high elastic padded shoulder straps that provide a comfortable carrying experience.


  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Detachable and replaceable USB charging port
  • Washable backpack
  • Durable design


  • Only for women
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The Travelon Anti Theft Classic Backpack is classically designed to carry daily necessities on several occasions. It is perfectly ideal for college students. It has multiple storage pockets both within and outside.

Amazingly, this fantastic backpack comes with five unique anti theft security systems which help you secure your privacy from usual types of pedestrian theft. 

Travelon is one of the best backpacks on the market with its outstanding features.

The five anti theft systems allow you to lock down straps to prevent grab-and-go pedestrian thefts. The locking zipper pulls help secure your bag contents. 

Also, the slash-resistant body prevents slash-and-go thieves from getting entry into your bag. The slash-resistant straps protect you from slash-and-run theft. 

Lastly, the RFID Blocking Pockets prevent electronic identity theft with the RFID blocking card slots.

  • It features an RFID organizer and phone slip pocket.
  • It has a side pocket for keeping water bottle and a zipper pocket.
  • Having a backpack with an adjustable feature will offer you a comfortable experience. It features adjustable shoulder straps to adjust the bag to comfortably suit your back conveniently.
  • Interestingly, it comes with an interior tethered key clip with LED light that helps you illuminate the inner part of the bag to find items when it is dark.


  • Water and dirt resistant
  • Durable design
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable shoulder straps


  • Slightly expensive
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Going on various adventures requires a durable and sturdy backpack like the TIGERNU anti theft backpack

This unique backpack is suitable for traveling, business trips, school students, and other relevant occasions. It is spacious enough to accommodate your daily necessary gadgets and accessories

Use the front compartment to store your quick-access objects such as pens, keys, and others.

It is not just anti theft by name. Aside from the general anti theft function, it comes with a hidden anti theft pocket featured on the back of the bag to protect your items from thieves. 

The lockable dual-layer zipper also contributes significantly to the anti theft function. You can easily lock the zipper with the backpack lock. For one who needs to keep privacy, this is a perfect choice to make.

  • It has an external USB charging port and a built-in detachable charging cable to recharge your phone on the go conveniently.
  • It features a multi-panel breathable and well-ventilated padding that offers you optimal back support.
  • This ergonomic backpack features adjustable S-shape padding shoulder straps and foam padded top handle to easily maneuver the bag from one spot to another.
  • It is made with durable fabric that is resistant to water splashing and anti-tear.


  • Ideal for traveling, business, and outdoor activities
  • Suitable for both gender
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Resistant to water splashing


  • Slightly heavyweight
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KOPACK backpack repeatedly appearing on our list of top-rated anti theft backpacks portray the credibility of the brand. 

This elegantly designed has enough spacious compartments to accommodate most of your gadgets and accessories. It is suitable for traveling and other adventures.

It is made with durable materials that elongate its lifespan. The durable fabric makes the bag resistant to water. The built-in rain cover beneath the bag protects your stuff from getting in contact with rain. The ABS base also keeps your bag clean every time.

The multiple compartments allow you to store your laptop, tablet/MacBook, power bank, and other petty accessories such as pen, key, and others. 

Interestingly, it is made with a shockproof inner container that protects you from accidental impact damage.

  • It features an in-built USB charging port to comfortably charge your phone without necessarily opening up the backpack.
  • It features two reflective stripes on the front space of the bag. The reflectiveness of the stripes makes it noticeable during night cycling.
  • The KOPACK anti theft backpack features hidden zipper pockets that allow you to keep your desired privacy.
  • It features hidden pockets within the bag that allows you to comfortably keep your things without the fear of theft. In fact, this is the perfect value for money backpack.


  • Convenient card slot on the straps
  • Waterproof and durable design
  • Lightweight
  • Reflective stripe


  • No manufacturer’s warranty
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Another exceptional backpack suitable for both genders is the XD Design Bobby Original Anti Theft BackpackThe XD brand is best known for its reliable products. 

Holding an extra wallet after backing a backpack is extra stress and the XD brand has done well to alleviate the stress by producing this elegantly designed backpack that can accommodate your laptop, MacBook, tablet, and other accessories.

It comes with well-segmented spaces for keeping different gadgets. Interestingly, moving this bag in the dark is very safe with the illuminating safety stripe that automatically brightens up under the light. 

Its anti theft function protects your privacy from intruders. The fear of pedestrian thieves is over with the hidden zipper feature of this bag.

  • The mere look of this bag seems like it does not have a zip or where to open it. This is the main anti theft feature. It features a hidden zipper that ensures your assets inside the bag are well secured.
  • Another interesting feature is that anti-cut. Thanks to XD Design for making this bag with cut-resistant fabric that prevents blade splitting.
  • It features an integrated USB Charging Port that ensures you comfortably keep your mobile phone charged.


  • External USB Charging Port
  • Durable and cut-resistant
  • Maximum privacy keeper
  • Lightweight


  • It is expensive
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BOPAI backpack with premium anti theft feature. One among the best backpacks on the market with an invisible anti theft design. 

The zipper is hidden enough that makes the bag seem that it does not have a zip. The zipper design offers premium security for your gadgets and other stuff.

Having a hidden pocket on the back of the bag is a plus advantage to keep your stuff safe. This hidden space can hold your wallet, money, credit cards, or other cards, check, and others.

This backpack is not only attractive but also comes with convenient structures and compartments. The breathable back design alone will make you feel comfortable. This back protects you from heat or sweating.

  • It is made with waterproof leather that enhances the durability of the bag and makes it resistant to water.
  • Every feature of this bag is invisible. This makes it very interesting to use. It features an invisible water bottle pocket that can hold bottle or umbrella.
  • It features adjustable shoulder straps that allow you to conveniently back the bag. The luggage strap is a plus advantage. It allows you to attach the backpack with the luggage trolley for a comfortable traveling experience.


  • Premium anti theft design
  • Hidden and lockable zipper
  • Multipurpose use
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight and durable design


  • Relatively expensive
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