10 Best Bow Sight Reviews with Updated Guide with List – 2022

best bow sight

Professional hunters or want to have a decent performance in bowstring festivals should have access to the best bow sight.

It is the most important compartment of all professional bowstrings and can give you an advanced aiming ability and help you hit the target. 

You need to have the best archery sight to ensure you are competitive at all times.

Here you will find the most plausible features of best bow sights that you should be aware of when trying to get a new one.

Comparison Table Of Best Bow Sight In Market:

Sight Style

First, the sight style is necessary to adapt to your archery style. Not every archer has the same sight abilities as another. That is why the archery style has to be unique for each user

Let’s check the most popular sight styles that only the best bow sight equipment can offer:

  • Competition

The competition has to do with archers taking part in races and competitions where many people are around. The top bow sights for the competition are where you can focus on the target using a lens. 

Using a competition bow sight, you will be able to check the target with 1 cm accuracy even if you are hundreds of yards away from it.

  • Pendulum

That kind of sight gives you the chance to adjust your bow from different angles and heights

It has been easy to use this pendulum bow sight to view the target directly, no matter the distance or the disruption from hurdles.

  • Moveable Pin

The moveable pin is the newest best multi-pin bow sight you can have as a semi-professional archer. You can check your moveable pin before you aim and have it following the target. 

These pins usually cooperate well with laser pointers that lock on the target and give you higher chances to aim right.

  • Fixed Pin

It is the oldest and most plausible way to aim right when using your bow. The pin will be firmly connected to the bowstring and can give you a clear sight of your target field. 

Using the fixed pin, you may enhance your bowing abilities and become a better archer. The bows with a fixed pin are considered the basic ones and are better to be ordered by novice and amateur users, as they have less precise aiming abilities.


The essential customization part for the best bow sight has to do with the replaceable lens. It would be best to buy your new bow sight only if it can get customized to fit the right lens for your eyes.

Another customization point could be the left-hand and the right-hand user-friendliness. Bow sights should be available to adapt to all users, and the customization process is inevitable to all new models.


The archery bow sights have a substantial weight. Most of them are less than three pounds; however, the lesser, the better for your stability and hand tiredness. 

It takes time to say if the bow sight can increase the total bow equipment weight to such an extent that it would be unbearable for you to carry and balance when aiming the target.

Many professional archers know the exact weight their hands can handle when performing in exhibition games or other competitions. 

That is why ordering online should always contain the precise weight details for the bow sights according to the bow they will get mounted on.

Adjustable Tools

Adjustments are all you need to have the best bow sight when you need to aim your target. The elevation settings as well as the windage are valuable in giving you the best aiming procedure you ever had. 

There are also some expansion tools for your bow sight, like the micro-adjust knobs that can give you better precision and increased comfort.

In terms of comfort, you can always adjust a new lens to your bow sight. These new lenses can either be night-vision to give you the whole picture when you are targeting after dark. 

The lens may also adjust perfectly to your vision deficiencies to ensure your final target’s direct visual touch.

As you may understand, the presence of these adjustable tools is essential for a great bow sight that will enhance your aiming abilities and skyrocket your career.

Battery Availability

The bow sights usually need a power source to enlighten the aiming mechanisms. Lately, we have seen many LED lights available for modern bow sights, which are more precise and give you enhanced aiming abilities.

The newest bow sights may also have solar panels to charge their internal batteries, offering you unique independence when hunting in the wilderness. 

Older models having an internal battery for the LED lights have a simple mechanical rotating structure to give power whenever needed.

Either way, batteries presence is essential to exist in new bow sights and can give you the lighting results when aiming.

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Trophy Ridge has finally presented its audience with a high-tech bow sight that can adjust to any pre-existing bowstring. 

It is easy to hold and weighs less than three pounds, being one of the lightest you can find online. It is made partially from plastic polymer and partly from aluminum, making it easy for you to carry it with you. 

Not to mention that you will have no problems with rusting and corrosion when being outdoors for a long time. 

You can access micro-adjustable pins that are always ready to give you precision when aiming at the target. 

The item has an internal battery that you may easily recharge, giving you the best on-site lighting you have ever experienced. 

The current model is for right-hand users and gives you some precise micro windage and elevation adjustment for your ease. 

The elevation may happen in two axes that is a new and improved condition for such bow sight models. 

The green hood access string’s existence lets you know when you have more chances to hit the target. 

Overall it’s a great tool that can give you precision and fold up when you don’t need it anymore.


  • You have the chance to adjust brightness easily
  • It is night vision-ready
  • The fiber optic pins give you enhanced precision
  • It can adjust to all bows you already have


  • It doesn’t come with any limited guarantee scheme
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Here you have another great bow sight model from Trophy Ridge that has been the world leader for such items. 

The present model comes in black color to match all preferences. It will need only two bolts to connect to any existing bow you already have. 

Made from carbon fiber and plastic polymers, it will never have problems with external weather conditions. It is also more lightweight than other models (less than three pounds), making it easier for you to hold your bow and aim right.

The good news is that this bow sight is made for ambidextrous users. It gives you five 0.19 inch horizontal pins to set up the target field a lot clearer than other models.

There is also a common lever to simultaneously adjust the horizontal pins, increasing your chances of finding the right target sooner than ever before. 

The windage adjustment is also rotational, giving you many freedom points to find the right spot for your bow sight.


  • There is a fiber optic ring for better precision
  • The rheostat light makes it easier for you to aim right
  • Both windage and elevation adjustments are easy to follow
  • It comes with a generous 3-year guarantee by the manufacturer


  • It only comes in a black graphite color
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Truglo has been one of the first companies to create bow sights for professionals. Ever since its presentation, thousands of satisfied hunters and professional archers have ordered this model.

It has been made from quality aluminum parts that have no issues with rust and corrosion

You can adjust it to any pre-existing bow simply by screwing two separate bolts. Then you have the chance to vertically and horizontally elevate it to find your premium targeting level. 

Its aiming supremacy comes from a high-tech lens that has an integrated LED light. There you can pick your desired width and length using the degrees angle adjuster on the side.

The center dot only appears when you have locked your target, and you are ready to release your arrow

The aperture diameter comes up to 1.8 inches being more than enough to aim targets more than 400 yards away with increased success chances.

The Range Rover Pro is dyed black to increase your focus and ensure you have the right tools to aim directly to the target.


  • It is one of the most lightweight bow sights ever made
  • The LED light gives you more independence and accuracy
  • All mechanical adjustments work perfectly and need no lubrication
  • There is a quiver mount included providing increased accuracy


  • It cannot be available in all geolocations
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Many users have asked Trophy Ridge to promote a new and affordable bow sight version that will make it easy for them to acquire. The current model has been made keeping in mind all these criteria.

This bow sight has been lighter than its counterparts and easy to mount on any bow. There is no need for additional tools as the bow sight has powerful clips to adjust to any bow body.

It is made from a quality stainless steel material that is dyed black to ensure proper focus from archers. It is a single pin model to give you the right accuracy when you are still a novice hunter.

It is good for right-hand archers, and the pin is vertically elevated like the good old times.

To enhance your hunting experience, Trophy Ridge has also placed a circular LED light on the lens perimeter to give you greater accuracy even when aiming in the dark.

The windage and elevation adjustments happen through two main levels that are easy to move.

The rheostat light has an in-built battery that you may easily recharge and last for many hours


  • It has a 0.29-inch vertical fiber optic pin for increased accuracy
  • The nylon bushings create a noiseless function
  • There is a Glo indicator tape to create antithesis with changing light
  • The adjustment equipment needs no lubrication


  • It doesn’t come with any kind of limited guarantee
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The world-famous Trophy Ridge manufacturer has managed to give archers and hunters a basic bow sight model for their everyday practice

The current model is foldable and more affordable than any other similar model in the same series. It weighs only 10 ounces and is made completely from 100% inflammable plastic polymer- extremely resistant to cold weather, rain, and higher temperatures

The Joker model is good both for left and right-handed users. At the same time, it features the three-pin aiming model, which is horizontal and enlightened with green and red lights.


The windage and elevation adjustments are easy to perform through rotating switches on the bow sight. 

The green hood accent ring with the integrated bubble-level may easily give you the precision you need to successfully hit the target. 

Joker models usually come with four or three-pin sights to choose the one that better fits your precision needs.


  • It has two mounting positions to your bow that need no bolts
  • The in-built battery lasts for years without replacement
  • The reversible mount design is good for ambidextrous users
  • It resists weather conditions and rust


  • You have no vertical pin to increase height accuracy when aiming
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This model is made for people who love the vertical single pin aiming devices

Trophy Ridge has soon realized that there was a great audience who needed more traditional rather than fancy aiming equipment. 

The current bow sight can mount on any pre-existing bows and give you stability without the need to screw and bolts

This bow sight is made of aluminum and plastic polymer that is durable to external weather conditions, foldable, and quite lightweight

It is good for ambidextrous users and has a single 0.19-inch enlightened pin to give you the right aiming capacities for the targets being up to 400 yards away.

The fiber optic pin and the glow-in-the-dark ring can give you special conditions for excellence when performing archery in the dark. An in-built battery gives rheostatic light to your bow sight when you need it the most. 

You also have a clear and unobstructed view of your target and an additional bubble-level to ensure balance and stability.


  • You get two mounting positions for extreme stability
  • The elevation adjustments are easily mastered through switches
  • The vertical pin is enough to give you accuracy when you are a novice
  • The bow sight can get folded and carried separately from your bow


  • There are no spare parts available for your bow sight
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Since most professional archers and hunters are right-handed, Trophy Ridge has recently released a model made exclusively for them.

The current model is made from 100% quality aluminum fibers giving the bow sight a lightweight profile. Users will not need any bolts to mount it on the bow, not to mention that the bow sight is easy to pair with any pre-existing bow model

It has five vertical strings measuring 0.19-inches high. They are enlightened through a LED mechanism that increases your chances to aim right.

There is a ring glowing in the dark that can give you enhanced focus when aiming. The integrated bubble-lever is always there to provide you with extreme balance when seeking the target. 

It has a soft touch both for vertical and horizontal elevation to reach your sight level. The vibration reduction is available through an elegant mechanism of gears and coils built inside the bow sight. 

Users can get an affordable mechanism to have clear and flawless contact with the actual target no matter how far away it would be.


  • The in-line pic technology gives increased accuracy
  • It is made with black aluminum parts for a lighter profile
  • It is perfectly angled to fit all right-handed users
  • You can aim at targets in the dark with the LED light addition


  • It is less suitable for ambidextrous users when changing bows
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People in the bowing and archery business know that HHA has been a reputable company for many years. 

The current Sight Optimizer model is one of the few series that is easy to mount on any bow and still extremely affordable. It is a single pin bow sight that measures only 0.19 of an inch. 

The pin is ultimately placed and enlightened to offer better aiming and focus to archers and hunters. 

This model is made for right and left-handed users who are accustomed to long-distance targeting. The rheostat light received power from an internal battery, which you may easily charge after your practice.

The windage elevation is easier than ever before, both in the horizontal and the vertical axes

This item weighs less than 14 ounces and is easy to hold when placing it on your bow. It is quite foldable to carry it in the same bag as your actual bow and bowstring. 

Its black color can give you an increased focusing ability without any color distractions that may be destructive.


  • The 0.19-inch pin offers you extreme accuracy
  • There is a precise bubble-lever to give you the right balance directions.
  • It is CNC machined for flawless adjustments
  • You have the chance for detailed angle adjustments through a precision rotational switch


  • LED light may be compromised in extremely adverse weather
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Here you have one of the most high-tech bow sights in the online market. 

TRUGLO has managed to present a model for hunters and archers that meets the camouflage exterior painting requirements. 

It has a hybrid construction, partially from carbon fibers and partly from aluminum metallic parts. 

It has a lightweight profile with only 4.2 ounces of additional weight placed on the existing bow weight burden. The bow sight features four horizontal pins with PRO-BRIGHT technology.

That means it has green and red LED lights to give you precise target locking when you need to release your arrow. 

This model has an easy mounting mechanism that uses powerful clips to embrace your bow. The in-built bubble-lever gives you a clear insight into your balance and advises you better about your aiming procedures. 

There is also a larger aperture to ensure a wider view of your target field. This bow sight can help you reach targets that are even 400 yards away and enhances your chances for better aiming in darker environments.


  • It is easily mounted through built-in clips
  • The LED light’s battery is easy to recharge
  • As a user, you get fewer vibrations to your hand when aiming
  • The extended windage and elevation adjustments give you better chances to hit your target


  • You cannot find spare parts easily for this bow sight
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IQ bow sights are among the best newly presented archery tools for professional users.

The current model has been the best-ever offered for existing bows and can get adjusted to any type. 

It is made from quality aluminum parts that are dyed black graphite for your easy and focus enhancement. It comes with either three or five horizontal pins measuring only 0.19 inches each. 

The real innovation focuses on the three axes of movement that can give you a better horizontal and vertical adjustment.

There is also an integrated bubble-level to give you a precise idea about your positioning concerning your target

The retina lock technology emits a certain green light when you have locked the target and gives you the signal to release your arrow

You also have the chance to have tool-free windage and elevation adjustments for your ease. 

The micro adjusts knobs are always there to absorb any vibrations coming from the arrow movements.


  • The bow sight is good for ambidextrous users
  • The dual position mounts can give you a better adjustment to bows
  • All pins are securely placed to increase your target accuracy
  • It is a unisex model working better for all people acting as professionals


  • The manufacturer offers no limited guarantee protection
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