Best Bug Out Backpack Tips and Reviews [Top Picks by MyGearVision]


You’ll most likely agree that in case of an emergency, when it is no longer possible for you to continue in your place of abode, when you’re faced with unforeseen situations such as nuclear disaster, natural catastrophe; having the essential survival items with you at such crucial moments is very important. Purchasing the wrong backpacks when such unforeseen occurrences happen can be as messy as the bad event. That is why it is prime to choose rightly. Tons of bug out backpacks have flooded and are still flooding the market places that we have around. The importance of the best bug out backpack has made a lot of manufacturers to produce varieties and ranging qualities of these survival kits.

To ensure you’ve got yourself covered in case you need an emergency exit from your normal and regular comfort zone, you’ve got to carefully check and select the most  suitable and reliable.

Apart from colors, shapes and other individual preferences, there are other significant distinctions in the types that is available which may seem confusing if you are not sure of what you really want to get. 

For example, the weight, durability, bag balance, the organizational placement, accessibility of primary needs etc are some qualities to look out for in a bug out backpack.

You don’t just pick up one randomly, part of preparation is to be sure you purchase a product that won’t disappoint when you need it the most.

This buying guide will provide insights into choosing the best bug out backpacks when thinking up on emergency exits.

Comparison Table of Best Bug Out Backpack In Market:

Bug out backpack Brand Materail Capacity Size (W.H.D) Our Rating Price On Amazon
REEBOW GEAR Polyester lining 40L 13″*20″*11″ 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)
Hannibal Tactical Polyester lining 36L 12″*20″*13″ 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
REEBOW GEAR Polyester lining 12 * 9.5 * 6 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
WolfWarriorX 64L 14.5’’x 21’’x 8’’ 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
24BattlePack Cotton lining 40L 10″w x 13″l x 19″h 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Oakley Men’s Polyurethane lining 34L 20 H x 14 W x 8 D 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
CVLIFE Oxford fabric 60L 13″*19.7″* 8.7″ 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
WintMing oxford fabric 70L 13.4*6.7*28.75 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
TETON 65 L 32″ x 18″ x 12″ 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Sandpiper polyester 55L 15.5*8.*22 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

A simple bug out bag will have the following features:

  • It must have two straps.
  • Liter range should be between 40-50, a smaller range will not be adequate and a bigger range will be just too much.
  • If you’re choosing the one with a bigger range, it should have a hip belt.
  • Cool colors that blends with your movements, not giving chances to unforeseen intruders.
  • Front loading bag with variety of entry points serves better purposes than others.

Important tips to consider when selecting the best bug out bag

  • The size and model you choose is dependent on your destination. A bigger bug out backpack for a further destination and a smaller bug out for a closer one.
  • A compact bug out backpacks with all necessary items is considered best.
  • Choose a model that has padded straps, with a waistband and back pad; They are usually more comfortable and will make your move faster.
  • When it comes to shapes, the pact boxes, ergonomic tube like shapes fits more and are more balanced. They’ve got a structure and a fit that helps to distribute weight evenly.
  • Double stitched or seamed bug out backpacks are more durable and strong to withstand some harsh conditions.

Quality of the best bug out bags

  • A bug out bag with fabric materials between the range of 400- 600 dinier are tough and strong built to withstand the hard situations and emergency move.
  • Avoid polyester fabric bags. They are cheap and affordable but they aren’t reliable and durable, can tear apart and the efforts put together will be nullified.
  • Nylon fabrics bug out backpacks are mostly recommended when choosing your emergency kit. Usually, very affordable and durable.
  • The Corduroy fabric is the best of them all. A bug out bag made can sometimes be quite expensive but it’s worth the price. It has high abrasion and it’s tear resistant.

Prices and specifications

  • A relatively cheap bug out bags will be of lower quality and standard. It may not always give you the best which is necessary whenever you’re vulnerable and really in need.
  • A quality bag may not be too expensive but will definitely be durable, efficient and effective. It will provide the necessary comfort that is required.
  • A premium bug out kit may be a bit expensive but it’s sure worth it. You wouldn’t want to take any chances and it’s better to be geared with the best when you really need to move.

Why you need to have the best bug out backpack

  • It gets you prepared for unplanned occurrences where you may not have access to things you once possessed.
  • It provides you with necessary items needed for survival before you get help
  • It provides the temporary comfort needed to make life easier whenever you’re displaced.
  • With it, you’ll learn how to make use of just what is really needed.

Basic items to include in a bug out backpacks includes:

  • N95 filter mask
  • A collapsible tent
  • Water; filtration system and purifiers
  • A sleeping bag
  • At least a 3 days supply of foods (ready to eat non perishable foods)
  • Collapsible hydration bladder pack
  • Lighter
  • Spork
  • First aid kit
  • Knife
  • Stainless steel portable container
  • Collapsible fishing instruments
  • Ziplock pouches
  • Rain poncho
  • A hat
  • Warmth sock
  • Flash lights
  • A buff
  • Screw driver
  • Foldable shovels
  • Military rations (for food apportioning)
  • Anti bacterial creams
  • Sunblocks
  • Road maps of local area
  • GPS
  • Duct tape


No one ever wish for bad occurrences to befall, but to be well equipped for uncertainty is to take wise decisions in preparedness. It may take sometimes before the needed help comes but before then, you’ll want to have at least some basics of survival. 

It is of utmost importance to have a reliable bug out backpack in places that they are easily accessible such as trunks of cars, garages and other conveniences when and if such need arises.

Follow this guide and you’ll be ready whenever you have no choice but to move.

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Our Rating

REEBOW tactical backpack is a specialized military backpack that is rugged and can withstand different conditions. 

Affordable quality products with standardized efficiency. Used for packing bug out items that are needed for survival in cases of unplanned occurrences. 

It’s a large bug out bag with space capacity of 40 liters and other several compartments for storage. A quality tactical bag made with durable, long lasting, water resistant fabric.

Double stitched zip locks that does not worn out easily and a compatible fashionable lock pulls. You  can be assured of the best of efficiency when using as a bug out pack. 

It’s got just the perfect and easily accessible pockets for different uses. Sturdy buckles with paddings that makes it easier and comfortable to carry. Steady on back for balanced weight.

A multipurpose bag, it can be used as a range bag, a travel pack, hunting bag, jungle backpack etc

Uses the MOLLE system that allows for additional tactical containers if there is need for it. 

With both top and front compression system, it holds more than you can expect, such as a compartment for hydration bladder.


  • 40 liters capacity
  • Molle system backpack
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Double stitched zip locks
  • Rugged fabrics
  • Breathable padded straps


  • Hydration bladder not included in kit
  • Short waist strap
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Our Rating

The Hannibal tactical backpack is a 36 liters Molle Assault bag that is affordable when compared to some others. 

It has different spaces to accommodate varieties of items you would want packed in a bug out bag. 

A large capacity easy to grab military assault bag with a compartment for a 3 liters hydration bladder

Made with durable, waterproof double stitched 600D oxford fabrics that will not fail when it is needed the most. 

It’s got two major compartments for bulky stuffs like blankets and clothes. Another two smaller spaces at the front. 

Those compartments has various other smaller spaces to assist with arrangements of important substances. 

Each of the bigger spaces has an elastic tape to hold things in play. The pockets has strong zip pulls

You can pull down a zipper of one major compartment, and it will open just like a suitcase for easy balance and access to stuffs.

Padded and adjustable shoulder straps and waist bands that provides comfort and convenience to the carrier.

Multifunctional pack: can be used as a bug out bag, hunting bag, range bag, traveling bag and many other functions

This product gives a two years warranty on each purchase.


  • Molle system tactical backpack
  • 36 liters capacity
  • 2 main compartments and various smaller ones
  • 3 liters hydration bladder space
  • Double stitched, waterproof fabric
  • Strong zip pulls
  • Multifunctional backpack


  • Zipper not covered with warranty
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Our Rating

REEBOW GEAR tactical Sling backpack is a unique product by REEBOW for lovers of sling bags. 

Simple compact bag that can be used for different purposes. Durable 600D polyester product with easily compressible compartments for storage of variety of stuffs for personal use when out. 

Very efficient for use as a bug out bag. Large enough to put all you’ll need to survive a whole day outside your home. 

Padded strap with two extra smaller straps to balance and for comfort. It has a big Velcro pad in a hidden space on its major compartment and the back side. 

This bag can be used as a pistol range bag to hold 2 shotguns and other tactical assault pack.

This backpack can be used as an everyday diaper bag and can serve as a small travel bag. It can also be used as an hammock bag

It’s especially made to carry few items not more than 10lbs that will just be enough for a day.

The perfect bug out backpack that won’t weigh you down nor hold you bound, pick on it at a go and you’re good to go.


  • Adjustable sling bag with 2 extra straps for comfort
  • A day’s bug out backpack
  • Lightweight
  • Padded strap
  • Durable 600D polyester fabric
  • Multifunctional backpack


  • Cannot pack for multiple days
  • Single stitch fabric
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The WolfWarriorX is a large capacity backup suitable for all kinds of uses. 

Designed carefully with the best of materials to hold strong in all kinds of situations. 

An easily compressible and adjustable bag with lots and lots of compartments for safekeeping of your personal needed items. 

A three days Tactical bug out bag, 39 liters size to adjust up to 64 liters. It’s huge! Modelled with side parachute buckles that can be tightened to give a perfect go when on motion. 

Unique Molle system that allows you to customize your backpack and add extra pouches to take in additional stuffs that you will need. 

Designed with organizer pockets on the rear. A durable 600D water resistant fabric bag with a compartment for hydration bladder. 

Solidly built with rugged features that won’t disappoint. You’ve got all you need in one place and you are rest assured. 

This a multifunctional backpack that can be used for several purposes depending on individual preferences and personal interests. 

It can be used as a cycling bag, hunting bag, ranging bag, travelling bag etc.


  • Foldable, compressible and expandable
  • Molle system
  • Adjustable liters: from 39 to 64 liters capacity
  • 600D water resistant fabric
  • Multifunctional


  • Single stitched bag
  • Light weight
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Standard 40 liters tactical rugged backpack Produced by Combat Veteran Owned Company, a class on its own. 

High quality designed  to withstand all kinds of harsh conditions yet, comfortable for use. 

A very efficient bug out backpack that can be used for other multi purposes. Double stitched to last longer even when frequently used. 

It’s got padded straps with breathable mesh. Inner compartments, water resistant so you can be assured your stuffs are in good condition after a stormy downpour. 

Hydration bladder compartment, padded laptop pouch. It’s got an inbuilt concealed universal CCW hand gun holster.

One to three days tactical bug out backpack that will contain all the necessary items needed to survive outside of your comfort place. 

Molle system that allows for additional details and spaces, strong durable zip locks that stays intact after several uses. 

A reliable product that gives maximum satisfaction to its users. Guaranteed quality product with warranty of one year that covers all that is included in bag.


  • Durable waterproof backpack
  • Several compartments
  • One to three days tactical bag
  • Concealed handgun holster space
  • Molle system
  • Hydration bladder compartment
  • One year warranty that covers the entire product
  • Double stitched


  • Short waist straps
  • Narrow shoulder straps
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Our Rating

Oakley is a well known producer of ranging quality products. They have a reputation for excellent products and services. 

The men’s kitchen backpack by Oakley is a complete pack made with the best of quality materials. Made with strong and multifaceted storage spaces. 

This sleek kitchen sink backpack with softly padded straps and back with adjustable mesh, provides comfort and balance every time it is trapped on. 

The bag is designed with a media player compartment that allows you to enjoy good music on the move with no additional stress.

Durable, strong and long lasting fabrics. This product can be used as a bug out bag, a camping bag etc. 

It has concealed pockets that can keep your stuffs safe with no fear of damage. Double stitched clip and zipper to keep your stuffs organized and safe. 

Not the regular backpack, this product is reliable and will give you the satisfaction that you desire, no fail. 

Strongly built with abrasion resistant fabric to function under any kind of conditions and to resist rainfall or other waters. 

Up to 17 inches laptop pocket with pads to keep secure and safe from damages. It’s got a drainage ports at the bottom to dry out soiled items. 

When purchased, you have a 90 days warranty that includes all manufacturers defects.


  • Multifaceted storage facilities
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Double stitched clips and zippers
  • 17 inches laptop pocket
  • Drainage ports
  • Media player compartment
  • Padded straps and back
  • Multifunctional backpack


  • Heavy duty backpack
  • A bit expensive
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Our Rating

CVLIFE Tactical backpack is a well built military bag with flexibility capacity of 50 to 60 liters.

Designed with one major compartments and several other useful smaller ones for safekeeping of needed stuffs when you need to be on the move. 

Made with a 600 by 600 oxford fabrics, this product is designed to resist water and other tough conditions. 

It has a front detachable space that can serve another purpose such as a tactical fanny. By the sides, there are also removable pouches that can be used as a first aid compartment. 

Made with a easily adjustable double density breathable mesh shoulder straps and a cinched waist strap. 

This product is made with a strong heavy duty zipper locks and rain rerouting flaps that keeps the bag safe and secure. 

Personalized Molle system in place to allow for customized tactical sack. This 3 days bug out bag with hydration bladder space can be used for other purposes such as hiking, ranging, hunting, etc.


  • 600 by 600 oxford fabrics
  • Heavy duty zipper locks
  • Molle system for additional pouches and others
  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable capacity of 50- 60 liters
  • Breathable mesh shoulders
  • Rain rerouting flaps


  • Waist straps too long (can be cut to fit)
  • Bottom straps not included
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Our Rating

WINTMING 70 litres capacity backpack with elastic draw strings for space adjustment. May look bulky but it is actually light weight. 

Can be used to pack as many camping or outing items that are essential for use wherever you may need them. 

Safely accommodate essentials such as a sleeping bags, shoes, hammock, and lots of other heavier stuffs

With external Molle system for additional load pockets. In itself, it’s got several compartments for different use, giving you a more organized and detailed feel. 

24-72 hours bug out, camping, hiking or traveling bag. A tactical military assault backpack made with the best 600D oxford waterproof, durable fabrics. Zip pulls are strong and of the best quality.

Padded breathable and easily adjustable mesh straps and back pads giving you comfort and the needed balance all along. 

It’s got compressible straps that helps keep your stuffs in place and not shaking as you move. 

It is an ergonomic backpack designed to safeguard your spine from damages.


  • Adjustable 70 liters capacity backpack that can serve you for days
  • Durable 600D oxford waterproof fabric
  • Padded and breathable straps
  • Ergonomic design
  • Molle system
  • Light weight
  • Strong zip locks


  • No detachable pouches
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Our Rating

This is definitely one of the best multifunctional bug out backpack ever produced. 

THE TETON Explorer 4000 internal frame backpack can be used as a bug out backpack, for hiking, hunting, traveling and other functions.

This backpack will take in all needed items for a 3 days outing. Skillfully and beautifully designed with different compartments for varieties of items needed for your comfort. 

Breathable straps and back panels perfectly designed to fit. A 65 liters capacity backpack made with quality fabrics that is durable.

Designed with adjustable shoulder, waist, torso straps to fit different body sizes and to give balance to the weight on the body. 

Relatively cheap high quality product, when compared with some others in its class that may not be affordable, it stands out as best as it’s got some additional features

3 liters hydration bladder compartment, sleeping bag compartments, and several other unique and useful spaces. 

Rain fly included in pack to safeguard your valuables whenever you’re caught up in the rain, which can be easily tucked away when not needed.


  • One major compartments and several useful others
  • 3 liters hydration bladder space
  • Rain fly
  • Breathable straps and back panels
  • 65 liters capacity
  • Quality Long lasting fabric 


  • Non-adjustable waist bands
  • Rain fly may not protect all when pack is full
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Our Rating

The SOC compact backpack has got beautiful outlook but it’s remarkably constructed with rugged materials that can be used for different purposes. One of the best bug out backpacks.

It’s got flexible and expandable singular main compartment that allows for additional packaging. 

It can be used to pack essential items needed for bugging out, vacation, camping, hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities. 

Each compartments are  built with adjustable straps that holds items placed in securely. The back is modelled with aluminum for balanced strapping. 

It has a space for hydration bladder and a well padded waist bands for added comfort. Abrasion resistant firm body exterior.


  • Rugged fabric
  • Multifunctional backpack
  • Aluminum back
  • Hydration bladder compartment
  • Padded waist bands
  • Abrasion resistant exterior


  • Not waterproof
  • Non- breathable padded back
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