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best camping mattress for couples

If you are trying to find the best camping mattress for couples, then you are at the right place. Reading this article can make you more knowledgeable about the various mattresses and allow you to choose the one that gives you the best performance when you fall asleep. 

Laying on the best camping bed for couples is not a luxury but a necessity no matter your age. You work hard and deserve to sleep on a mattress, making you feel satisfied and relaxed.

Here are the various features of the best camping mattress for couples that are hard to omit when replacing an existing model or buying a new one from scratch. Let’s check the most important of them and decide if they are close to your personal preferences. 

Comparison Table Of Best Camping Mattress For Couples In Market:

Types of Mattresses

There are various types of mattresses according to the material they are made. These are the main types widely available in online and physical markets:

  • Air Mattresses

They have air cells in their mattress that are always inflated to give the best possible relaxation to people lying on them.

  • Mattresses That Self Inflate

This is the best camping mattress for couples you can have since it can inflate itself. There is a pump integrated into the main body to give you more services and make you happy. 

  • Adjustable Mattresses

These are some of the best air mattresses for couples since they can adjust to the specific body dimensions of their users.

  • Sleeping Pads

They are nothing more than smaller mattresses that look like pillows and can support your back or lumbar area a lot easier and efficiently than others. 


Only the best camping mattress for couples is the one that has all three dimensions in equal merit.

  • Length

It’s extremely important to know the length since it can determine if you fit to sleep on it with your spouse. 

  • Width

The width has to do with your size and better check with the Queen or King size that is the best on the market. 

  • Height

Height has to do with the thickness of the best couple camping mattress and is directly related to your comfort and ease to lay on it. 

Satisfaction and Comfort

Every best camping mattress for couples needs to give you complete satisfaction and comfort. These two elements are judged by another two important measurements as follows:

  • Thickness

Thickness has to do with the extra material layers present in your best camping mattress for couples. People always believe that a thicker mattress is always better, but we have seen that it’s not always true.

  • Tightness

Another precious measurement is tightness or firmness. That has to do primarily with the internal springs apparent on every mattress and how they react to excessive weight. It’s a measurement that shows the rebound time of your mattress and can be a crucial factor to buy one or reject it. 

Energy Preservation

The insulation of your best camping mattress for couples remains a necessary issue for all people who wish to spend some time with their spouse in the wilderness. According to the season they are going to make their excursion; mattresses can be divided in:

  • Winter Insulation

That type of insulation keeps warm air inside and uses the heat from your bodies to diffuse it back as thermal power. Most of them have some air cells that are good conductance of the heat and can give you an exceptional sleep even when the temperature is close to the freezing point

  • Summer Insulation

As you may understand, they are cooler and more breathable than other mattresses. Couples usually have them for their summer vacations. These mattresses have some impressive side parts to drain your sweat and become easier to collect and diffuse airflow. That is the way to remove heat from your body to the environment, keeping you cool during the night.


Even though you have no reason to bounce on your mattress, its endurance plays a crucial role. The Denier rating shows how many stitches are available per square inch on your mattress. 

The highest the number, the greater its durability that makes things even easier for you. A durable mattress can take longer to go off and may give you many nights of relaxation and deep sleep even when being in the wilderness with your husband or wife.

Maintenance Kits

Patches are always available for air mattresses and are the ones that make a difference in their use. Every person would need to have some patches when going to the camps to spend some vacation time. 

Repair kits may also have to do with replacement springs for the inside of the mattress and a possible upper mattress to take away the nasty smells when you sleep naked on it by allowing you to wash it in the washer or by hand. 


Most modern mattress manufacturers always like to give their best guarantee for the models they offer. However, only the best camping mattress for couples can have a guarantee extension to such a point that it could give you more incentives to buy it and retain it for a longer time. 

The guarantee can make it more efficient to sleep on it when being in designated positions and climates. The industry standard would be to offer a 3-year limited guarantee for all its spare parts and surfaces.

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Intex has finally managed to produce a fully electric pumped mattress for couples ideal for camping or your extra dormitory at your house when friends are visiting and staying overnight. 

It is made from high-quality nylon and cotton fibers that are both breathable and elastic to give the right support for your back and be inflated right away. 

It can bear up to 600 pounds of the user’s weight and is conveniently stored in your closet after removing the air from the inside. The current model comes in many colors to choose the one matching your furniture and home colors.

You don’t even need to wait more than three minutes to have it inflated. There is an integrated pump working at 120V and offering you increased fidelity for pumping pressurized air anytime you wish.

The whole mattress comes in a luxurious protection bag that allows you to carry it with you when you want to go camping using your sleeping accessories.


  • It has a soft and velvety top to make you feel comfortable
  • The internal electric pump will never make you forget about it
  • There is a DuraBeam Technology for the mattress that makes it durable
  • It offers users a sense of stability when being on top


  • It cannot be shipped anywhere in the world
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If you are looking for the best height for your remote mattress that may reach up to 16 inches, this is the model you were expecting to see. 

It’s a queen-size mattress that will fit you and your beloved one fitting all the places no matter how little your camping tent could be.

The present model is made from polyester and cotton fibers on the top that are both breathable and give you the right protection against the development of germs and bacteria. 

It is also double-stitched to make sure that there is no danger of deflating suddenly when you are asleep. There is an integrated pump inside the mattress that you can connect to the power network and expect to inflate the mattress in a matter of minutes.

The side parts are made to be round so that there are no edges that can worsen the sleeping experience. 

There is also a raised-pillow design to allow you to sleep without actual pillows and reduce the items you need to carry with you when going for an excursion in nature. 


  • It can offer users a bed-like comfort
  • The i-beam structure of the air cells gives increased relaxation
  • There is a special bag with handles to store it when deflated
  • An ecological upper finishing is also available for this model


  • It has a fewer color variety than others
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Here you have one of the most incredible mattresses for camping you will ever find. The present model is made from approved materials to be both ecological and dermatologically tested

It has an internal pumping mechanism that works with electric power either from a battery or from the network

The average thickness comes up to four inches which is more than enough for a person of up to 300 pounds of weight. That is the maximum weight it can handle since it is also intended for couples use. 

The mattress could also qualify for the extra bed you always wanted to have at your house but never had the chance to get. 

The upper surface is made from cotton and polyester fibers that are softer than you ever thought and more durable to moisture and sweating

The internal air cells easily take away the heat from your body, giving you an increased chance to enhance your airflow when sleeping.


  • It comes with a patented double-side automatic deflation system
  • You can inflate it in a matter of minutes
  • The surface is waterproof to give you extra protection
  • There is a convenient bag with handles coming with the mattress


  • It is less affordable than other items in the same category
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People who love to be in their camping tents for many nights would expect to buy a professional air mattress. 

The current model meets all the quality criteria to become your favorite bed not only in the camping tent but also in your summer house. 

This model features an integrated pumping system that only requires several minutes to inflate the whole surface. 

The upperparts are made from cotton fibers that are breathable and have an anti-microbe layer to ensure they are not giving you rashes and infections. The mattress is also durable to users more than 300 pounds heavy and shows incredible stability when they sleep.

There is also an elevated pillow area that is also inflated with pressurized air. The side parts are also elevated to let you have a natural border for your legs. You can easily deflate it and keep it in a convenient bag coming with the mattress to surprise you.


  • It is 100%, 60%, or 40% inflatable to give you the liberty you want
  • The double-sided flocky is there to protect you from falling aside
  • It comes with a precise and informative manual
  • A powerful gasket ensures that no deflation will ever happen


  • It cannot get shipped anywhere in the world
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Coleman has been the first brand to have a more simple and less sophisticated inflatable mattress for your vacation. The present model comes in red color to choose the one that inspires your love affairs and passion. 

The upper part is made from high-quality polyester and cotton fibers that are flexible enough to withstand the extra pressure coming inside during inflation. 

The integrated pump works with less electric power and can inflate the whole mattress in less than five minutes. You can carry it anywhere you like since it weighs less than six pounds, a tremendous performance for such items.

The mattress is also waterproof, allowing you to place children to sleep without the fear of pissing at night and creating a mess to the mattress. 

The existence of a double-lock valve and gasket is there to assure you no air will leak from the inside as long as it has entered. There is also a comfortable, strong coil to properly support your back and lumbar areas when sleeping.


  • The coil construction can handle all heavy users
  • There is an air-tight system with one year warranty
  • The double lock system never allows deflations
  • It comes in several sizes to choose the one fitting you


  • It doesn’t come with a convenient bag as an accessory
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SoundAsleep has finally presented it dream series of air mattresses that have already taken the market by storm. 

The present model is made from quality polyester fibers that are so natural and soft to touch, offering you the most impressive sleep you have ever experienced. 

The internal air pump is there to give you the chance to inflate it in less time than other similar models. There is also a quality airlock to ensure there is no air coming out of the mattress once it has entered the air cells. 

It comes in a queen size that is suitable for most couples. It can handle up to 600 pounds of combined users’ weight that are a tremendous performance to mention.

Its thickness can come up to 19 inches that are more than enough to keep you elevated from the ground and contribute to the easiest waking up and going off the mattress. 

The whole surface is waterproof, giving you more reasons to take this mattress with you when going camping close to the beach.


  • There is a sure grip bottom to keep you stable when sleeping
  • A carry bag is always included for your ease
  • There is also integrated cord storage for your convenience
  • It has a puncture-resistant material to avoid malfunctions


  • It comes with a short guarantee period that is not suitable
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Intex Dura-Beam has been the first model to have an integrated raised pillow technology to give you quite comfortable conditions when you finally fall asleep on vacation. 

This model is made from cotton and polyester fibers that are more durable than external temperature and body pressure. You can inflate the mattress using the integrated pump and expect it to be ready in less than ten minutes. 

People who have slept on it can say it’s really stable since it has easy friction to the ground. The side parts are elevated up to 19 inches from the ground allowing you to abandon bed when waking up easier than before.

The upper surface is made from anti-bacterial and waterproof material, making it impossible to deflate due to punctures. 

It comes in full black color to allow you to use any type of sheet when sleeping on it. Users may also feel secure sleeping on it even if they are more than 600 pounds in total weight.


  • It features fiber-tech technology for increased comfort
  • There is a sturdy bottom construction to offer stability
  • The built-in pillow gives you the freedom you want
  • You have access to a carry bag to transport it easier


  • It doesn’t come with any limited guarantee plan
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People who like to camp and forget about bigger investments in sleeping materials and accessories could buy this air mattress. 

It is made from natural fibers that give an elevated sense of airflow when you finally get asleep. If you want to sleep with your spouse, you will never feel unstable since a lower sturdy construction offers premium touch and friction to the ground. 

The internal pump could inflate the mattress in a matter of minutes. There is an airlock and a gasket to ensure that all the pressurized air will stay inside and serve your needs. 

The side elevation comes up to 18 inches that are an incredible figure for such low-priced materials. 

There is a wavy structure on top to give you better support for your back when sleeping. It will never matter if you are overweight since this mattress can securely stand more than 600 pounds at once. 

The velvet surface makes your sheets stay where they are, and never abandon the mattress no matter how active you are during the night.


  • It comes in many colors for you to choose the one you like
  • You get a suction effect with the floor for better stability
  • The airlock works under any circumstances
  • You have a convenient bag with handles to carry it when deflated


  • There is no user manual to come with the mattress and study it
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AirExpect has been one of the most reputable brands in the field of air mattresses with offices all around the world. 

The current model is a new elastic mattress that can get inflated easily using the internal pump mechanism

The way to operate it would be to connect it to the power network or give it more energy through a mobile battery system. The upper part of the mattress is soft enough and creates the right airflow to keep you cool during summer nights. 

It is also sweat-absorbing to allow you to sleep better when the conditions are hot. The deflation can also be easily performed and allow you to place the mattress in a convenient bag to carry it all the way home.

The side parts are elevated to give you enough protection when you sleep. There is also a chance to enjoy the integrated pillows present to make you take fewer sleeping accessories with you when going camping. 

The locking mechanism and the gasket can ensure that no portion of pressurized air can escape from the air cell when entering inside.


  • It comes with extra support for your back with springs
  • The upper part is softer than you ever thought
  • It’s resistant to water exposure and is suitable for the beach
  • There is a wireless rechargeable pump for your ease


  • It’s less affordable than other similar models
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