Reviews of the Best Compound Bow For Beginners -2022 List

best compound bow for beginners

Archery is becoming a practice of arts that a lot of people are tending towards in recent times. The thrill of holding a compound bow with an arrow in place, then targeting a spot to hit and actually aiming and striking on mark can bring about so much excitement. The touch of it, feel of it, the mindset, the focus can be extraordinary. 

Look around, ask around, if you are yet to experience what it feels like to hold a bow in hand, you’ll be dazed by the magical effect this simple but powerful weapon has on humans. 

Let you know; holding a bow in hands makes you feel powerful, you just feel like you can conquer the world with your outstanding tool, I am warning you though, don’t be intoxicated!

There are many compound bows out there that are trendy and catchy to the eyes but you need to be very cautious when choosing; you just have to choose right to avoid frustration. 

Probably you are interested in acquiring a bow as a beginner or you want something to practice with your kids or spouse or you want to gift someone, probably want to adventure hunting, You need to be able to identify and know the major specifics about the best compound bows available so as to choose right.

Comparison Table of Best Compound Bow For Beginners In Market:

Tips on choosing the best compound bows

  • Select a compound bow with all necessary gadgets. That is, a bow that is packaged with sights, stabilizers, wrists straps and arrow rest and others.
  • Choose a bow that is simple and easy to shoot. Choosing a bow with high speed as a beginner can be frustrating.
  • Choose a bow that strictly fits your draw length and ensure you test the draw weight, i.e the force you need to draw the bow to ascertain you are well able to handle it.

Features of a good Compound bows

  • A compound bow with axle-axle measurements of between 33-35 inches are best for beginners because they are more forgiving and balanced. The revolving energy will be more reserved.
  • A compound bow with a brace height( the distance between the bowstring and the bowgrip) of 6-7 inches is the best, because the length of the brace determines how long the arrow stays on the string. This will lessen mistakes often made by beginners.
  • A compound bow that shoots between the ranges of about 280-290ft/sec is considered standard for non professionals.
  • A bow with a bowstring silencers to reduce noise is recommended.

Typical details to consider when choosing the best beginner bow:

  • OCULAR DOMINANCE: That is checking out which of your two eyes is able to fix on target.( You can check this out by closing one eye at a time and see which one is more focused) The eyes with which you can see better will determine the side on which you focus your bow arrow on to shoot.
  • Your compound bow must have an adjustable range that can fit the draw length of a beginner.
  • Never choose a bow that has a heavy draw weight. Compound bows with heavier draw weight can make you loose focus easily and the stress of holding can make you shaky.
  • A compound bow with cams is ideal for both beginners and experts but it’s best to look out for it as a beginner. This is because it helps to control the draw weight.
  • Risers are major components of the best compound bows for beginners. They are installed to adjust brace heights. 
  • There are 3 functions of risers:
  1. Reflecting
  2. Deflecting
  3. Straightening

Finally another important information to note is the price ranges of compound bows

Basically, there are different compound bow brands with different qualities and varying prices. You don’t need to break your bank to get the best that suits your needs. Also, you don’t need to go for products with lower quality that are not verified functional and good because you cannot afford quality designs.

You just have to choose right to avoid any kind of hassles that usually comes with purchasing a substandard products and overrated or overqualified products. Identify and choose to buy a bow that is not too expensive but has been reviewed to be best.

Select the one that is packaged together with the following basic items or more:




Vibration dampeners


Adjustment features


Sight Pin

Arm Guard

Arrow Quiver

Arrow rest

Bow case

The following are best starter compound bows that have been previewed to be just perfect if you’re as excited as I am to venture into the fascinating and intriguing world of archery as a beginner.

  1. Predator Archery Raptor Compound Hunting Bow Kit: Limbs Made in USA | Fully Adjustable 24.5-31” Draw 30-70LB Pull | Up to 315 FPS & Guarantee | 5 Pin Lighted Sight, Rest, Quiver | W String Stop.

  2. Leader Accessories -Compound Bow 19-29lbs 24″ – 26″ Archery Hunting Equipment with Max Speed 129fps.

  3. Siege SAS 55 lb 29” Compound Bow w/ 5-Spot Paper Target.

  4. Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow.

  5. XGeek Compound Bow,Limbs Made in USA,19-30 Draw Length,19-70Lbs Draw Weight,Up to 320FPS.

  6. PANDARUS Compound Bow Archery for Youth and Beginner, Right/Left Handed,19”-28” Draw Length,15-29 Lbs Draw Weight, 260 fps, Package with Archery Hunting Equipment.

  7. Southland Archery Supply SAS Scorpii 55 Lb 29″ Compound Bow Archery Hunting Target Bowfishing Package.

  8. Barnett Vortex Lite Youth Compound Bow, 18-29lb Draw Weight, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo.

  9. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow.

  10.   Gamo Daisy Youth Archery Compound Bow, Black, Left/Right Hand.

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Our Rating

The predator compound bow kit is specifically designed to meet the optimum need of all inexperienced or beginner archer. 

It has an axle to axle length that is not more than 30 inches which is exactly what is needed for someone that is just starting out. 

It weight is 3.6lbs, and  the draw length ranges from just 24.5-31 inches. It has an easily adjustable draw weight that can be drawn between 30lbs-70lbs, requiring no bow press.

It comes with CAMS and MODULES that are strongly built with aluminum. The Bow is designed to allow for 75% let-off. 

Packed alongside the Bow is a split yoke tuning system that allows for precise adjustments for the right arrow flight. 

Kit includes: 5 pin fiber optic sight with light and level, brush rest, stabilizer, 4 arrow quiver, string stop, allen wrench, 2’ paper target, and pre-installed Peep sight and D-loop

Interestingly, there’s a lifetime insurance warranty that covers all product defects that is from the industry. Therefore, your purchase is guaranteed when you buy a predator compound bow.


  • Adjustable draw weight
  • Aluminum CAMS and MODULES
  • Can be used by both beginners and experts archers
  • Complete kit with 5 pin fiber optic sight with light and level, brush rest, stabilizer, 4 arrow quiver, string stop, allen wrench, 2’ paper target, and pre-installed Peep sight and D-loop
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No arrows included
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Our Rating

Perfectly engineered for all bow users, the Leader Accessories is very versatile and efficient for kids, teenagers, women and adult men with all forms of archery ability or mastery. 

The hand orientation is the right. It has a draw weight ranges of 19-29 lbs and the draw length is 24-26 inches.

The speed can be adjusted but the maximum it can go is 129 FPS. It has a Let Off of 65% and an Axle to Axle of 32 inches. It’s density is 2.2lbs.

This riser that accompanies it is made of aluminum and not plastic as some others.

Other products with the predator bow are: 2 pieces of 26 inches fiberglass arrow, quiver, finger Tab, armguard. 

This product comes with a one year warranty.( Warranty is for the bow only)


  • Best for kids but can also be used by adults
  • Right hand orientation/focus
  • Aluminium riser
  • Light weight
  • One year warranty on bow


  • Only two arrows included in pack
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Our Rating

One of the finest bow for beginners. The Siege SAS compound bow has been on-top sales in market places and a lot are checking it out being a highly recommended beginner bow. 

A lot of people in the archery business, or those interested for recreational purposes have benefited from this specially designed power tool. 

It’s has a strong but easily adjustable draw Length of 29 inches that is most suitable, and a draw weight of 40-55 lbs. A very versatile tool with  Axle-Axle of 41.5 with maximum speed of 206 FPSH. 

It has a right hand orientation with an adjustable bow sights. 

Packed with this bow kit, is an arrow rest and a drop sights. It is very durable, efficient, with compressed ABS limbs to make it last long. 

A very affordable tool made of high quality materials for interested individuals who are willing to develop their skills and talents in archery. 

To get a bow of this quality at the recommended price is quite unusual, so it is better to take advantage of what the Siege beginner bow has got to offer.


  • Affordable high quality bow
  • Light weight
  • Adjustable draw weight
  • CAM system
  • Compressed ABS for a long lasting bow performance
  • Beginner bow and an expert bow


  • Silencer not included
  • Stabilizer not with pack
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Our Rating

If you’re determined to be outstanding in the field of archery, then the Southland Archery Supply Compound Bow is what you should look out for.

This product is designed to develop talents of beginners that are interested in mastering the art. It has a reputation for its flexibility and light weight

It’s axle to axle is 35 inches, the right one for starters and a draw length of 39 inches, with 270 FPS. It has a compressed ABS limbs span balance to enhance its performance and durability.

The Southland compound bow has connected with it, a layered limb that can  draw weights up to 70 lbsIf you try to loosen the bolt, the draw weight will reduce by 5 pounds alternatively, when you tighten it, the draw weight will simultaneously increase by 5. 

This action allows for use by both startup archers and experienced archersTo launch, you need to pull back the strings, when you do, the arrow will take on a 70 lbs of force, when the string is released, the arrow will launch at the speed of 270 feet per second. 

No doubt, a new life has begun. Explore the archers way with the best of Southland compound bows.


  • Compressed ABS limbs span for a long lasting bow
  • Adjustable draw weight
  • Light weight
  • Beginner/starter bow
  • Affordable with high quality


  • Bow accessories need to be purchased separately
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Our Rating

For optimum performance, the XGeek bow will give you much more than it’s expected to give. You’ll surely be amazed at it’s swift speed and outstanding balance. 

The Bow comes with all you need as a starter and as a professional. It is designed to shoot accurately on target. It can be used for recreational purposes and for straight hunting. 

It has a swift speed that can be adjusted depending on users. When you purchase this bow, you will get 5 pin, a rubber grip, and a brush stand.

It is light weight and can be handled by non professionals. The manual will guide you to set up. When handling, never release the string without an  arrow knock.

This is a right hand focus bow with Axle-Axle of 28″. It has a draw weight of 19-70 lbs ( range of draw weight makes it useful for beginners) It also has a draw length of 19-30 inches

The riser is made of aluminum which is very strong and durable.

Inside this bow kit you’ll find: a bow, 5 pin bow sights, a bow sling, brush arrow rest, a rubber stablizer, bow release, a D-loop, a peep sight, limb dampers, Allen keys, string wax, a bow stand, 6 arrow quiver, an arrow puller, 18 by 30 inches carbon mix.


  • A good quality all purpose bow
  • Wide ranged draw weight and draw length
  • Aluminium riser
  • Full package bow kit
  • Shoot accurately on target
  • Hunting bow


  • Need a guide to set up Instructional manual may be difficult to understand
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Our Rating

PANDARUS is known for designing archery tools that meet all requirements for a standard archery experienceIf you want a unique piece of bow that is sleek but powerful, the best of them all is from PANDURUS. 

This bow is produced in two dimensions; you can acquire same type as a right hand orientation bow or as a left hand orientation bow. 

It is uniquely designed to suit the archery needs of young children, women and beginners. It can be easily manipulated to suit the needs of each users. 

Light weight with adjustable draw weight.  It has a draw length of 15-29 lbs. This bow comes with practice arrows. It also has an adjustable twin CAM

Note, this bow should never be fired without an arrow to avoid hazard.

Having this light weight piece of bow in your possession can help develop interest in archery and can make time in the woods more fun. Easy to use, with continuous practice, you’ll be a pro. 

Included in the kit are, a bow, 5 benches, a bow sight, arrow rest, arrow quiver, 12 pieces of arrows, arm guard, and a target paper.


  • For children, beginners and women
  • Complete bow kit
  • Adjustable CAMS
  • Right/left handed
  • Easily adjustable draw weight
  • Perfect archery bow for the best experience


  • Arrows not strong, need to be replaced
  • Stabilizer and string stop not included
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Our Rating

Another bow craft from Southland. The manufacturers have a great reputation of producing outstanding quality products that are equipped with all the necessary gadgets for smooth operation. 

The SAS Scorpii 55 Lb 29″ Compound bow can be used by adults beginners to learn the art of archery.  The draw length can be adjusted for different users

The Bow can be used as a compound bow and as a hunting bow. Straight on target with a very great speed. It can also be used as a bowfishing tool as well. 

Relatively cheap to purchase and it’s of higher quality. It has all that is needed for starters and it’s very easy to set up. 

Draw length is between 19-20 inches while the draw weight is 30-55 lbs. It has a speed limit of 260 FPS and Axle-Axle of 28″. This specifications made it unique because it can be adjusted to varying needs and expertise of users. 

Packed with the Bow are:  wrenches, a pin sight, bow rest and a mount for the  quiver. You’ve got all you need just in one pack.


  • For adult experts and beginners
  • Adjustable and flexible draw length and draw weight
  • Compound bow and a hunting bow
  • Bowfish tool
  • All archery equipment in one pack


  • A little bit heavy
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Our Rating

The Barnett Vortex Compound bow is rated the best bow for beginner youths- both young ladies and gentlemen. It is designed to train them in the craft of archery right from young. 

Not a complex piece of bow that may be difficult to handle. Both the draw length and draw weight can be adjusted accordingly based on strength and ability of the handler. 

Along with the Bow all the necessary equipment for an outstanding performance are: the bow, 2 cams, 3 pin fiber optic sight, 3 fiberglass arrows, 2 piece attached quiver and more

Outlook of bow makes it interesting to practice with. It has only one adjustable draw length and one adjustable arrow rest to simplify the process of use. 

This is a right handed bow for all with right eye focus. You can imagine the fun of having a vortex lite youth bow in Mossy Oak!


  • Designed specifically to meet youths needs
  • Complete package bow
  • Flexible bow for starters
  • Right handed bow
  • Strong steady strings


  • Relatively small for adult users
  • A bit heavy
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Our Rating

Adult compound bow of the Bear Archery Cruzer is distinct in nature. Made to satisfy the needs of adult professional archers and beginner archers. 

This bow can do amazing things when in action. A sleek simple bow with complex abilities suits the needs of interested talented archers of varying levels and skills

Adjustable bow of 12-30 inches draw length and 5-70 lbs free weight. A versatile bow equipped with 6 trophy ridge accessories, Allen wrench is equipped for all adjustments so there is no need for bow press with this spectacular bow. 

This is actually one of its kind used for hunting purposes too, works perfectly, giving you all that you will ever desire from a compound bow.


  • Adult bow for all skill levels
  • Hunting bow
  • No need for bow press
  • Packaged with all necessary equipments for a luxury now


  • Some accessories may be missing, dependent on sellers
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Our Rating

The Daisy compound bow for youths and young children is an all season bow suitable for prospective young archers. The right and perfect bow. 

It’s a simplified to perfection for young people. It has risers that can be used by both the right handed and the left handed

Sights for the bow is not wide range. Perfect for all beginners. Strong built and powerful weapon that is flexible

When you purchase the Daisy pack, Included with the pack are: 2 26″ fiberglass target arrows, arrow quiver, 3 finger rollers and a armguard

All this makes archery an adventure for the teeming youths who want to learn and practice archery.


  • All season bow for youths and teens
  • Flexible draw weight and draw length
  • Beginner pack Included
  • Risers for both the right handed and the left handed


  • Only two arrows in pack
  • Beginner only bow
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