Best Rangefinders For Bow Hunting Reviews with Features to Note

best rangefinders for bow hunting

A lot of people have different views and opinions about bow hunting. To some, it is fun, to some, it’s a game, to many others hitting on target gives them the satisfaction they desire when they decide to go hunting. 

Shooting arrows at the estimated range and dropping on exact pinpointed range gives the  thrill. When a target range is misjudged, it can be hard and frustrating, and it leads to more misses. Definitely, no one likes to shoot and miss even if they are beginner archers. 

When you set out to bow hunt, your desire will surely tend towards being accurate in your shooting sprees. In this ever evolving world, getting hold of the best rangefinder for bow hunting has been something of great importance for most interested persons. Without a very effective rangefinder, you can be handicapped and that might make you give up on one of the most interesting arts. 

A lot of people would have given up on archery if not for the fact that rangefinder has found its way into the world of archery and hunting, produced by various manufacturersThe dilemma of choosing the best range finder is now trending with most archers and hunters. 

Rangefinders has been identified to be an important tool to acquire or have access to, for a successful, interesting and fun filled hunting time, the major concern now is choosing right.

Information below will give you a clear picture on the best Rangefinders for bow hunting that is available online and in market places, so as to choose a standard one that perfectly suits your needs.

Comparison Table Of Best Rangefinder For Hunting In Market:

Key features on the best Archery Rangefinder

  • A range finder works by pointing the laser directly to your main target and measuring the time it takes for the laser to get back into position. The set speed and the time it takes the laser to return to initial position is your target distance.
  • Best bow Rangefinders will have an inbuilt sensor, this makes is distinct from others. This is one of the factors to consider when looking for the right one to purchase.
  • Identify the functions of the scan modes of the rangefinder that suits your specific needs before purchase.
  • Get a rangefinder that that will meet  your hunting needs. Your  coverage range should determine the type you should purchase.
  • A poor target sensitivity range finder may lead to poor hunting. Choose a rangefinder with high sensitivity.
  • A range finder with a clear multiple magnifier will help with initial and subsequent spotting of target.
  • Choose rangefinders with lenses that has some form of multi coatings. This helps to dim reflections. It also helps with light transmissions giving a clear view of targets.
  • The best rangefinders for bow hunting should be exceptionally durable therefore ensure you choose the one that is waterproof, and strong to withstand a drop/fall in case of accident.

Who can use a rangefinder

  • A beginner bow hunter: 

A rangefinder makes learning and starting up an easier adventure to go into but it’s also important to choose the best.

  • An experienced bow hunter: 

This enhances accuracy and shooting without missing.

Important criteria to look out for in the best rangefinder for bow hunting

  • The type of Model
  • The Range it can cover
  • Durability, i.e can it withstand pressure and work inside rain
  • Price: is it cost effective
  • The speed of Laser
  • Magnification


Compound bows are used in delivering arrows with high speed and potency, the best bow Rangefinders displays accurately where to shoot. When it does and an arrow is shot, the main reason for hunting should be accomplished.

Below are important requirements to look out for:

  • The optics are the most important part of the bow rangefinder. Select the one with higher maximum distances, this increases the chances of hitting on aim. Smaller ones may restrict visibility.
  • A bow archer do not necessarily need a a rangefinder that measures more than 60-100 yards. Accuracy is what is most important, so choosing a bow that is within that range will perform the task assigned much more than the one with wider range. 
  • Note, bow hunting does not pass the range of more than 30-60 yards.
  • Higher magnification reduces visibility. Choose a rangefinder with a magnification not higher than 8x.
  • Studying and understanding the settings of target modes is important. Targeting modes changes what the laser aims when finding a range. You’ll not want to tap on a wrong button when it matters most especially when your range finder is combined with an Angle Compensation Software.
  • A bow rangefinder with no angle compensation ability is not recommended.
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This accurate sleek Range Finder is by AOFAR

This product is produced with careful consideration of users who need a unique range finder at low cost

It doesn’t come expensive, but it’s functionality is of very high standard. Quality product that’s durable for all season. 

It has four different mode function: for determining accurate and precise range of target, easy identification of target with multiple scans, accurate speed and water proof, no need to stay indoors when you can as well go out to hunt and have more fun hunting in the rain. 

This AOFAR range finder helps to hit on target with so much ease. It has a 6* magnification lens for magnifying over as many times as possible the precise location of target on a timely basis. 

Measurement accuracy is up to 700 yards. When the weather is a bit cloudy, you can easily switch to the fog mode and it will still give you clarity just as the other modes. Very light weight, can be carried around with ease.

Fit for starters and the experienced, accurate with fast reading data, 4 mode range, waterproof, high speed, light weight and perfect scan. Packed with all accessories needed for a rangefinder.


  • 6x magnification
  • 700 yards measurement accuracy
  • Water and dust resistant
  • 4 mode function
  • Accurate speed
  • Automatic power off
  • Free battery


  • Non rechargeable battery
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This is the real RANGER! The Vortex Range finder enables users to make distinct precise shoots with the accurate data. 

It processes at a very high speed to enable simple and effective target hit. Easy to understand display menu that clearly states it’s functions for optimal use. 

With simplicity and accuracy, task is done smoothly and precisely without any form of mistake. 

The reticles are coated to give 3 different brightness settings to adjust to changes in environment and weather conditions. 

Scan mode that measures range readings at every movement as you track your target. Waterproof to withstand various weather conditions. 

Target hunting and shooting with great precision. Ultimately the best for all time with a rubber protected body that provides for firm grip on device. 

Using the Optics range finder you get  the best results from your hunting adventure.

It gives accurate and actual data needed for a perfect shot, clean display and instinctive menu, 3 reticle brightness settings, clear scan mode, range with spectacular views, waterproof.


  • Simple use menu
  • 3 different reticle brightness settings
  • Waterproof
  • Rubber protection
  • Multi layer scanning ability
  • Precise range measurement
  • Life time warranty


  • Smaller than it appears in pictures
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Another innovation from Gogogo. The manufacturers of this classic Range finder are renowned producers of exceptional sports equipments. 

This range finder was made after many years of deep research to provide quality archery device that will suit the needs of various dissatisfied users of range finders that have had roadblocks in getting the best at an affordable price

For the optimum 3 modes hunting range finder one for scanning, another for finding range of target and the last the speed mode, you’re sure of having a great time

Battery powered, light weight, waterproof, affordable high quality, accurate and clear magnification with accurate focus. Calculates actual distance, it has 3 accurate scan modes.

This product is perfect for skills improvement. Measurement accuracy is one of its outstanding quality, measuring space of one yard with great precision. Clear optics with a 6x magnification validity calculating distance change on the go.

You get to see at the spur of time the exact location of your target and focus right. With a slope compensator and an angle indicator which naturally is necessary when you want to get shots from a sloppy end. 

Quality rubber hold case for easier grip. Easily adjustable laser lenses for clearer focus within up to 650-900 yards. This comes with a pin seeker technology for seeing target in far distant location. The best you could have at a very reasonable price.


  • 6 times magnification
  • 3 modes function
  • Slope compensator
  • Angle indicator
  • Easy menu
  • Quality product at an affordable price
  • Rubber body for easy grip
  • Light weight
  • Clear optics


  • Uses non rechargeable battery
  • May not be water resistant
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Tec Tec Tec are manufacturers of quality optical products. This Laser Range Finder with a unique accuracy is one of their carefully produced tool to give the optimum performance at a very good price. 

It has a Prowild function that gives precise location within a range of 540 yards, scanning continuously as you go for the main target. 

This device can make your hunting adventure a non chaotic one, no need side guessing, you got to see what you got to see right on time by its provision of accurate data

It has a laser rangefinder that helps you to measure distance of + or – 1 meter with great accuracy, accomplishing missions at maximum speed. Even if you are a beginner, this Pro will compensate for that and make you have the best of moments while you hunt. 

It measures the distance and the speed at every movement of target giving you exact pinned location to hit. 

Affordable rangefinder with a laser range, suitable for hunting purposes, fast and accurate speed, prowild features to determine exact distance of target, multilayer lens for an extensive knowledge of surroundings Multi layer adjustable lens for changing environmental condition.

Tec Tec Tec range finder is packaged with a pouch, CR2 battery, wrist strap, microfiber. Yes, it is water and dust resistant, it can be used even in humid weather conditions. 

You’ve got the latest, durable and powerful range finder for you hunting.


  • Precise location with a range of 540 yards
  • Prowild function
  • Multi layer adjustable lense
  • Water resistant
  • Distance measuring accuracy of + or -1
  • Continuous scanning ability


  • Non rechargeable battery powered range finder
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Halo range finder is a very powerful and useful tool when it comes to hunting. If you are looking to shot accurately on target then this range finder equips you adequately for the perfect speed of lightning hit

A not too expensive tool that can be acquired without having to break the bank. The XL450-7 provides accurate timely data in a twinkle of an eye even better than some well known expensive brands. 

With the 6 times Magnification and accuracy of +/- 1yard, you are so sure you won’t miss. Magnifying at great speed, target range within a yard of shooting, you are rightly covered. 

With this item you can cover range of target accurately up to 350 yards, capable of capturing data in meters and yards. Adjustable lens for better and clear focus. 

The CR2 battery it uses is durable and long lasting, you can use for up to a year without fail. Relax and be confident with every angle shot you take with XL450, the angle intelligence is for accurate successful target hit and for taking shots in sloppy areas. 

Twistable eye piece for perfect focus, 6 mode magnification laser range finder, scan modes for multiple targets, water resistant.


  • Durable CRS battery
  • 6 times Magnification
  • Angle intelligence technology
  • Range shot within 350 yards
  • Adjustable lense
  • +/- 1 yard accuracy
  • Affordable high quality


  • Flexible casing
  • Battery non-rechargeable
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Bozily tech co. is a well known industry to produce quality products for its users. 

Carefully produced to meet the needs of buyers who want specific accuracy features all in one device, the Bozily golf Rangefinder/ hunting Rangefinder has all the required features of an outstanding device for hunters and golfers. 

This fast focus range finder with multi coated optical lens is one of the best you can find when you want to purchase one with accuracy.

Covering a range of up to 1000 yards, targets are easily covered with the 6x laser range finder that continuously scans until you get the perfect angle to shot. 

It’s water and fog resistant for optimum performance. On/off slope adjustment function for precise shots in sloppy areas. 

It has two scan mode that measures actual distance and slope. This device comes with 2 free piece of CR2-3V 900mAh battery.

An all purpose range finder with adjustable slope on/off function, dioptric adjustments for a clearer view, measuring accuracy, waterproof with multicolored lens.


  • 2 scan modes
  • Multi coated optical lense
  • 6x magnification
  • On/off slope adjustment
  • 1000 yards range
  • Waterproof


  • Non rechargeable battery
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The bone collector is a brand with high reputation. Tested and trusted to produce high-quality hunting equipments and materials necessary for the best hunting adventure

This edition of range finder has a durable compact rugged body/housing of Realtree Xtra camo, designed to resist harsh and humid weather. 

Light weight and easy to carry about. It has an LCD they gives accurate distance of target from a range of 10-600 yards. Distance is measured in yards and meters. 

It has a 4 times magnification with very bright and clear optic lens that draws you close to your target. 

With this device, you get to know the exact location of your target with a just a tap on a single button, your precision will be super amazing. 

Simple tool to use even if you’re not a professional. It enables you learn and develop skills in hunting in the spur of time.

LCD for accurate distance measurement, 4x adjustable magnification optic lens, durable compact housing, waterproof housing, realtree Camouflage pattern housing for all hunting sprees.


  • Range distance of 10-600 yards
  • 4 times magnification
  • Clear optics
  • Realtree Camouflage design
  • Compact rugged housing
  • Water resistant device


  • Not recommended for antelope hunting
  • Precise range of not more than 350 yards
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TACKLIFE range finder gives you a happy feel. Handling a tool such as this when hunting gives you so much confidence as you’re assured of the best results. An innovative quality tool perfect for all hunting sprees. 

It has a rubber handle that gives firm grip on device for the best experience and performance ever. A clear beam laser rangefinder with optics that scans environment and targets at accurate speed. 

LCD that displays data, straight line distance, angle, horizontal distance, vertical height distance just with a single press on a button. 

It has a measurement accuracy of +/-5 yards with a 900 yards laser range. Water resistant range finder. Uses a durable 750mah rechargeable lithium battery for renewable energy for maximum performance. 

It has a 7x magnification with a fully coated adjustable optics. No doubt, quality packed in just one perfect range finder.

Range data capturing LCD, accurate speed measurement, flexible light weight, rechargeable long lasting lithium  battery, water resistant. 7* magnification color coated lens.


  • LCD data display menu
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 900 yards laser range
  • Rubber handle for firmer grip
  • 7x magnification
  • Fully coated optics


  • Specifically made for hunting purposes not for golf
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This is another fully equipped range finder from Gogogo. It’s a range finder made specially for hunting purposes. 

Designed with pin sensor and slope technology that measures angles with accuracy and with high speed. 

3 modes function, one for distance measurement and scan mode, the other golf mode and the third is the speed mode

With a 6x magnification and distance range of 5-650 yards per 1200 yards. It gives precise and fast measurement of + or – 1 meter

It has a LCD screen display that records and change with each movement. In built rechargeable lithium battery. Light weight, easy to carry about.

Inbuilt rechargeable battery that lasts longer, 6* magnification ability, accurate distance and speed measurement, 3 different functional scan mode, durable and strong with waterproof coatings.

Packed together with this range finder laser  is a carrying Pouch, a USB Cable, pouch Strap, cleaning cloth and a Manual. This powerful tool comes with a full year warranty.


  • Pin sensor slope technology
  • 3 modes function
  • 6x magnification
  • LCD screen
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Plastic optics
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The Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder by Gogogo is one of the high quality product ftom this manufacturer. Affordable range finder that comes fully packed with all you need for bow hunting whether you’re a pro or an unskilled archer. This is a reliable product that gives accurate measurement with a pin sensor and a flagpole locking mode(vibrates on lock) that supports distance of up to 150 yards. Ergonomic design for a firm hold and easy handling. It has a measuring range of 5-650 yards with an accuracy +/- 1 metre, with a fully multi coated lense to reduce reflection giving a clear image of target. 6x magnification with easily adjustable laser lense to give accurate and exact focus.

Accurate speed and distance measurement, multi coated optical lense, affordable, durable, flagpole locking functions, 6* accurate magnification.  Uses AAA long lasting batteries.


Affordable range finder

Ergonomic design

6x magnification

Pin sensor and flagpole locking mode

For both skilled and unskilled archers

Multi coated optical lense


  • Not waterproof
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